It’s a tough task trying to quantify M83. Attempting to summate wave upon wave of often grandiose beauty that Anthony Gonzalez weaves is almost an insult in itself; that we’d even dare try and deconstruct and reduce his emotive, dreamy, introspective scores. But that’s what he’s offered here with the gargantuan double-disc ‘Hurry Up I’m Dreaming’. It’s the quintessential M83 timeline, distilled, purifying and gloriously blowing out what preceded all over again. Cynically, it doesn’t have the narrative flow of previous albums, or perhaps the sepia-tinged warmth, but amongst such volume of tracks, the scale and exultant splendour of ‘Steve McQueen’, ‘Midnight City’ and ‘Claudia Lewis’ are all the more arresting, and it makes this a collection in the grandest sense. A heaving, breathing journey through the introspective and the bombastic, the ambitious and the seemingly-apocalyptic, this is the sound of triumph.

By Reef Younis

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