They say that the music scene is healthier than ever and that those predicting its death have been sadly mistaken. Maybe the industry bods are right – on the surface of it there’s as much music and as many venues putting on great shows as there once was. But have you noticed how few of those headline bands are British? This makes the new MSC record rarer than hen’s teeth; a genuinely great record by a new British band, steeped in heartfelt, semi-twee pop that is strikingly well produced and seemingly done for the love of the art form itself rather than chasing some illusive hype buzz. Mixed by Larry Crane (Elliot Smith, Stephen Malkmus, The Decemberists), ‘Fight Less…’ is a joyous ride through the blessed strain of indie ploughed by US contemporaries like Grandaddy and Atlas Sound while still sounding like a product of home. Cherish this one.

By Olly Parker

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