Live Review
White Heat
Soho, London

Despite the Japanglish name, Pinkunoizu bring their filigree rhythms and hypnotic movements from the slightly less distant climes of Copenhagen, working with what appears to be a standard issue post-rock vocabulary of drums, guitars, violin and more guitars. But with a mission statement to “never come full circle, to move hazily in bended ellipses”, the five-piece deftly sidestep the earnest bombast of similarly equipped bands in favour of a tightly balanced propulsion that’s taut yet fluid, dense yet ephemeral, like a bullet train speeding past Mt Fuji, you might say. You can taste Mogwai in the soft vocals and slowly evolving guitar phrases of quieter tracks, while the spectre of shoegaze is invoked at its most inspired and least dirgy as the set builds louder, faster and tighter. Battling guitars are couched delicately inside the mix rather than squealing for attention over the top, much like Yo La Tengo at their most rasping and rugged (there’s even the lesser-spotted female drummer to stretch the comparison) or the Velvet Underground on the viola-versus-guitar jam of ‘Hey Mr Rain’. The ‘Peep’ EP, an even more delicate and exotic experience than Pinkunoizu’s live show, is out in November on Full Time Hobby.

By Chal Ravens

Originally published in issue 32 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. October 2011.