Live Review
Tanks Amigo / German Measles
Broolyn, New York

Photography by Guy Eppel

Facebook is full of lies, but when Brooklyn band Tanks Amigo promoted tonight’s show with a note on their wall that read “Come see the return of Tanks Amigo and the death of German Measles” they weren’t kidding, even if they were. A hotch-potch gang of doppelgangers, Tanks Amigo feature Dan Deacon on bass, Brian Jones on rhythm guitar (bobbed hair and teardrop guitar and everything) and John Candy on drums. To locals they’re a ‘supergroup’, made up of various other, better known band members, like JB Townsend of Crystal Stilts. Their singer wears a rain mac and squeaks like David Thomas of Pere Ubu, and while they’re an odd bunch to look at, we are looking. No one leaves as they skip through their spindly garage album, ‘We Play Jazz’, and as Candy holds down the beat in the most louche way imaginable, it’s a welcome, playful return for a band who giggle their way through the odd bum note.

As for German Measles, they’re not splitting up, but they really should consider it. Behind an unfounded arrogance and a bad Mark E Smith impression, a very drunk Nik Curtin drones through some instantly forgettable garage punk while looking at the floor. He’s pretending to be a rock star but looks, at best, uncomfortable, and, at worst, like a complete dick as he chucks his microphone into the crowd, brains one of three people actually enjoying the show and refuses to apologise. The small girl who’s crying gets a mumbled “Sorry darling” some songs later. We’re still waiting for our apology for just how dull German Measles sound.

By Stuart Stubbs

Originally published in issue 32 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. October 2011.