Kompakt Compilation-Total 12

With the exception of metal, techno has about the most hugely devout and not-just-a-little crazy core following, so even discussing it can sometimes feel like invading someone’s private ceremony. Kompakt’s ‘Total’ compilation series has served to highlight minimal techno that’s ear-candy for those both in and outside the electronic sanctum. Part of the reason is their producers’ willingness to bring-in riskily eclectic sources (New Order-ish guitars, Steel Drums, developed vocal ideas) even while subsuming them into a clearly defined palate. After the digital melancholia of Kolombo’s opener, there’s a whole patch of killers half-way in; Gui Boratto’s ‘The Drill’ followed by ‘I Don’t Smoke’ (Matias Aguayo in hilarious banality-mode) and a somehow venture capitalist-sounding tune from The Modernist. Its release date is perfectly timed to remind you to put away the cheery barbeque playlist and get ready for some miserable and serious partying from here to Christmas.

By Edgar Smith

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