Walls’ self-titled debut was a thing of introspective beauty. All dreamy soundscapes and hazy psychedelic noise, they hit their ambient ebb and flow almost immediately with Sam Willis’ synths luxuriating and Alessio Natalizia’s warm, heavy guitar murmurs tantalisingly leaving you wanting more. And on their second LP, the same ethos applies. Still firmly in their breezy, if laconic, stride, ‘Coracle’ isn’t prepared to outstay its welcome, weighting in at another relatively concise running time. It’s a fine balance but in the album’s modest 35 minutes, the skewed Boards of Canada-esque idiosyncrasies of ‘Into Our Midst’ intrigues; the delicate piano line and pregnant pause of ‘Drunken Galleon’ is classic Explosions In The Sky (without the obligatory bombast), and the anthemic twinkle of ‘Raw Umber/Twilight’ is worth every second of its triumphant, transcendent 6 minutes. This is Walls’ second invitation for you to bask. Take it.

By Reef Younis

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