Although the tongue twistingly titled but easily Googleable Zun Zun Egui failed to reach for a name that was instantly memorable, they have employed one that sums up their music perfectly: they are not straightforward. It’s on opening song ‘Katang’ that this album is set off on a path that has much in common psychologically with the Oxford brigade of Foals and Jonquil, but while those condense their sound into relatively digestible bites, the multi-lingual Zun Zun Egui let theirs roll and progress into incorporating vocalised chirruping, soulful grooves and elements of classic seventies American rock, like on the wah-wah heavy ‘Twist My Head’. They do, however, still maintain a preference for precision over long slung brutish rock’n’roll swagger. Where others sometimes pretentiously label themselves as ‘experimental’ and wear it as a badge of honour, Zun Zun Egui prove to be the real deal.

By Nathan Westley

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