It certainly isn’t all that effective, but you’ve gotta give it to Clean George IV’s titular George McFall for sticking to what he loves. ‘God Save The Clean’ is about as blown-out and in-your-face a debut as possible; bloated pop-metal exuberance, crunchy dude-rock guitars, treble-squiggling solos, all coalescing into a project that’s inherently and probably admittedly dumb. I mean, song titles like ‘Impotence is Bliss’ and ‘Great Highland Crack Epidemic’ kinda speak for themselves. But unlike the high-octane, bum-rush stupidity of, say, Andrew W.K., the songs here mainly fall by the wayside. Sometimes the titanic riffage brutally clogs the mix (‘Winter Son’, ‘Cecilia’) and sometimes their ambitions to be a stadium-pulverizing bomber results in some incredibly unhip impressions (‘London/Scotland’). It’s hard to articulate the target audience simply because defining what they’re even attempting isn’t easy – these aren’t borrowed melodies, they’re botched borrowed melodies, you can hardly find your way to the surface, much less to an adequate perspective. Again, it’s somewhat comforting knowing someone thinks Big Country deserve another spin, you just wished they had more capable hands.

By Luke Winkie

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