Forest Fire are from Brooklyn, but their debut album was released in 2009. Shouldn’t their time have been and gone? Apparently not, as ‘Staring At The X’ looks sure to see them beat the NYC, hipster curse and take another step towards greater recognition. It’s a sonically arresting stew, made from a recipe that makes it easy to see why they have been called ‘Cosmic Americana’ before now. ‘Born Into’ and ‘Future Shadows’ particularly sound like they could have been long lost Devendra Banhart tracks, recorded in space, while ‘The News’ has a classic T-Rex stomp to its undercurrent. Dub-styled basslines are then flirted with on ‘They Pray Execution Style’, the album’s title track twangs like the sound of the old country, rather than the grime of NYC and ‘Blank Appeal’ slowly beams itself up to heaven in a drag of fizzing chords. Far out, way beyond Broolyn limits.

By Nathan Westley

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