Swiss-Tibetan artist Aisha Devi Enz, aka Kate Wax, has been writing and self-producing her music for several years, and ‘Dust Collision’ feels like a fully-formed slice of (mostly) downbeat electronica, tinged with that slightly self-indulgent feel that is sometimes a natural side-effect of the self-produced solo artist. Opener ‘I Knit You’ recalls a more restrained, chorus-free take on The Knife’s ‘Heartbeats’, and there are some moments of true greatness, like the distilled majesty of ‘For A Shadow’, epic in scope and cooler than the other side of the pillow in delivery. ‘Cool’ is the word, really. This is a coolly produced, coolly delivered album. But it’s also self-consciously arty, and the generally delicate vocal lines, which float over the good-but-generic musical backdrop start off intriguing but soon become samey, and thereafter irritating.

By Chris Watkeys

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