Once upon a time Los Campesinos! represented everything you despised about youth; the optimism, excitement and boundless energy that came with a double-dose of fearlessness and naivety. Add to the fact that all seven of them seemed to be BFFs as well as band mates, and made their live shows seem like the last carnival on earth, and you had the basis for eternal resentment. But here we are four albums later with the band older, “wiser” (in their own words) and the rather morose ‘Hello Sadness’. And beyond the album title, it’s immediately evident something’s changed. Dealing with the seemingly omnipresent themes of love, loss and making sense of the world, tracks like ‘To Tundra’ and are a new, beautiful measure of a band that’s more than just found its feet; it’s the hallmark of a genuinely brilliant album.

By Reef Younis

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