Skronk-heavy, acid-soaked post-punk/surf-rock hybrids aren’t exactly Canada’s prime export, but it’s a pretty good look on Toronto’s Odonis Odonis. Taking the milder, more freewheeling attacks of similar bands to a more ferocious level, their torrential, evil-grin squall on ‘Hollandaze’ makes for an appealingly physical reaction. Solos crest lazily, drums are all bourbon-soaked – it makes you think this whole boggy garage-rock revival thing isn’t exclusive to Atlanta anymore. But mainly you’ll be too stuck on the cinematic pomp of ‘Handle Bars’ or ‘Seedgazer’ to start thinking comparatively. The band doesn’t beat around the bush, they throw their whole bodies into the songs and often come back with something special to show off – sometimes boldness is all you need. The record is very much stuck in an aesthetic, but with the risks Odonis Odonis take, it turns into something that demands ears, if not necessarily brains.

By Luke Winkie

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