Real Estate’s follow up to their eponymous debut is a slightly more polished record that at first can wholly be summed up by the word – ‘pleasant’. This is not an album where the songs will become permanently ensconced upon your inner cranium after the first listen. Instead, it is a grower; one that will slowly work its way in and take hold like a vine does to a weary wall. A mid-nineties, polished Pavement disposition is shown on songs such as ‘It’s Real’ where simple and often circular-in-motion, slacker-pop chord progressions meld with a melancholic, indie-stained autumnal spirit. ‘Wonder Years’ then has a loose Simon & Garfunkel feel that stretches further than its “doo do do” vocal refrain and melodic chiming guitar line, which helps make ‘Days’ a solid enough album… given time that you probably don’t have.

By Nathan Westley

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