Swimming’s second album is a wild and often erratic jaunt, riding the waves of pop music in all its forms, from the conventional to the experimental. The Nottingham outfit perhaps lie closest to Brooklyn pop-savants Yeasayer, and like said band they can be equally encapsulating and grating. At times, such as on openers ‘Neutron Wireless Crystal’ and ‘In Ecstatics’, they display a sneering gusto for pop that is as challenging as it is rewarding. However, as the album continues it often dips into safer or muddier waters, which results in a listening experience where differentiation becomes difficult. It’s a high-pitched, wild, bombastic kind of record that will enamour some people and frustrate others; a very busy album, often making for a jarring experience, simply from its inability to be more sonically frugal. However, there is more than enough to warrant investigation here.

By Daniel Dylan Wray

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