What happens when you take a psychotherapist with a passion for synthesizers and let him loose on the German goth scene? You get the bass-driven, chilling tones of The Church of Synth, whose frustration with his days spent listening to the baggage of his patients channels itself into his collection of synthesisers, resulting in a series of cold, cathartic soundscapes, each one echoing the murky drones of a troubled mind. Opener, ‘Der Fall von Leviathan’, is a proggy, doom-ridden track, both ominous and compelling, while ‘Das dröhnen der göttlichen Räder’ comes from the realm of dark electro, with trance-like whirls and a somewhat more ambient vibe. ‘Die paradoxen Gebote Gottes’ sets itself apart with a distinctive, almost grungy guitar riff, which is presented over an inky bass line and sinister percussion loops. Fans of witch house, lend this record your ears, it won’t disappoint.

By Polly Rappaport

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