This eleven-song collection of previously unreleased, new and remixed tracks stretches to a whopping seventy minutes, making listening to the album feel like a live DJ set experience in itself. Fusing the very DFA-like sound of modern dance-punk with classic house via way of New York disco makes it a varying and expansive exploration into the world of electronic music, which at times can be a revelatory listen. ‘Human Disaster’ and its prominent piano keys is in many ways classically embedded, with its roots stretching from New York by way of Sheffield and Chicago, yet somehow it still exudes a contemporary and progressive edge that shakes off any feeling of tacky nostalgia. Like all great artists who work in dance music, this surreptitiously nods to the past while still clearly sprinting into the future, and while DFA’s entrenched associations with the early-to-mid noughties, ‘Everybody Get Close’ suggests that their time is nowhere near up.

By Daniel Dylan Wray