This is the third or something album of some little-known Brooklyn DIY types who are yet to make waves over here. But wave-make they shall. Give it ‘til early next year and broadsheets will be beaming that they ‘rip up the post-hardcore rulebook’ etc. ‘Leave Home’ is furious but intricate garage punk with doom underpinnings and cosmic trimmings that doffs its cap at Butthole Surfers and Born Against one minute (try lead single ‘Bataille’), and spins out a bizarre Spacemen 3 micro-medley the next (how do you parenthesize a track named ‘( )’?). “Die, I would die” revolves the only lyric on seven minute opener ‘If You Leave’, although it could be “Die, I won’t die”, you can’t be sure; both vocals and riffs tunnel through a mountain of distortion. This album takes us through a number of different speeds and styles but never once fails to hang together. It’s so accomplished in fact that we’ll even forgive them for that goofy, ‘remember Nuggets?’ name.

By Edgar Smith

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