It’s that time of year again is it? Sweet deals. It’s the rule: as sure as the Christmas lights go up in October, there will be a record by Thee Oh Sees out before the end of any year. This one is the fourth album mastermind John Dwyer has put out on In The Red alone (the first being the 2009 gem ‘Help’), and it’s another corker. Recorded straight to tape in ten days, there has been little scope for editing down some of the longer tracks, but the relentless clatter is part of Thee Oh Sees’ appeal. There’s driving proto-punk (‘Contraption/Soul Desert’), wordless throwaway jams (‘Chem-Farmer’), fret-wanking, krauty psychedelia (‘The Dream’); all of it covered in the lo-fi stardust that has graced Dwyer’s records for the last decade or so. Speaking of cover, the album artwork looks like Iron Maiden fan fiction, but in a good way.

By Matthias Scherer

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