From the opening call of ‘Space Baby’, beaming down from the darkest edges of the sky, this Brooklyn brother-sister duo (they’ve got a factory for those now) are like a velvet cloak softly encasing your extremities. But don’t let that put you off – ‘The Future’ isn’t so much sickly sweet as spooky and nostalgic. Distorted guitars are placed low in the mix to disrupt the prettiness of the paired voices, while in the distance lay smoky layers of guitar picking and voices taking on strange and woody timbres. The record speaks of New World frontiers, as you’d imagine – the America of rose-tinted Republican history books, a place you might not expect Brooklyn siblings named Lauretti to feel much nostalgia for. But where the album goes beyond standard White Stripes album placeholders there’s plenty of weirdness to locate it at the stronger end of the alt.folk spectrum.

By Chal Ravens