New York duo White Ring are middle America’s dream and nightmare. Next time there’s a high school shooting, they’ll get the blame. Opening track ‘IxC99’ even uses gunfire and the rattling click of rounds being reloaded as a percussive instrument, while the swathes of electronics that make up this debut mini album are constantly in the red, clearly inspired black metal and cursed industrial techno. Then there’s the fact that the twosome screech from the altar of a genre called witch house, their Blair Witch-mocking imagery could be taken as sacrilegious by the humourless and the vocals of Kendra Malia define subliminal, whispered in your ear and saying anything you like, from “kill everyone” to “buy milk”.  You call the Tea Party; we’ll let Marilyn Manson know he’s off the hook. For sane folk, ‘Black Earth…’ is thrilling for all of these melodramatically haunting qualities and more. Fantastically dark as it fuses slo-mo hip-hop and distorted trance its scare comes in how seductive it is.

By Stuart Stubbs

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