Depending on your age, you’ve probably either never heard of White Town or you’ve not given him much thought since his 1997 hit ‘Your Woman’ – a number one single made in a bedroom at a time when making tracks at home was amateur, not cool. It sold over 47 thousand copies. Take a listen to it now and it still stands up as a brilliantly sinister, futuro-pop song. ‘Monopole’, on the other hand, feels 14 years less progressive. The dead-pan vocals are unquestionably those of Jyoti Mishra, but musically he’s regressed to naff new-romantic disco (‘Cut Out My Heart’), twee indie (‘She’s A Lot Like You’) and MBV shoe-gaze (the marginally better ‘Have I Gone Too Far?). Props to Mishra for having continually created since 1990, but the New Order-ish ‘Invisible Elastic’ aside, you really are better off listening to ‘Your Woman’ 11 times over.

Austin Laike

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