Live Review
Yugoslavia Boys
Brudenell Social Club

Yugoslavian Boys are burning up the Punk rulebook then pissing on its dead ashes. For starters they have no guitar, two drummers (though tonight one is missing in action); the scene of the stage is pure chaos before they’ve even played a note. Sunglasses duck-taped to his face, singer Billy Bonehead looks like a cross between Mad Max and a Russian tank commander, staggering between synths, trumpet and a battered trombone as the band screech through the manic thrash punk of ‘Ricky’s Back’. Dragging us back through the punk wastelands via Nazi Germany, Devo and trashy horror films this trio of noise terrorists are out to inflict as much damage on your eardrums as possible.

Howling about their “lust for cheese” over mind-melting industrial electro on ‘Shopping List’, the faces below them express a mixture of utter delight and pure bewilderment. Known for their stage trashing performances, disaster seems to trail after them and during the Stasi stomp of ‘Where’s Your Papers’ Bonehead flings himself around in such a fury he annihilates his own synthesiser. Drummer Coby Wong and bass player Seany Boodwah power on as he attempts to resurrect the beast, in what could be Groucho Marx comedy gold were it not for the furious deluge of screams and the angry tirade that follows from the frontman. Striding across the stage, dragging mangled keys and battered drums in their wake, the Yugoslavian Boys are the wake up call you’ve been waiting for.

By Kate Parkin

Originally published in issue 32 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. October 2011.