The title of Michael Quinn aka Corridor’s new album is apparently a tribute to artists who never experienced recognition while they were still active – think Igor Stravinsky and The Velvet Underground. Whether Quinn sees himself in their tradition is unknown, but his music definitely incorporates elements from genres that are often considered an acquired taste. ‘Real Late’ is a cross between gloomy kraut rock, jangly indie, some classical instruments and the gentler end of noise/drone – more The War on Drugs than Glenn Branca. When it succeeds, it’s impressive, such as in ‘Roam Room’, which starts out with a Spanish guitar intro before marching its way through a number of grandiose beats. Quinn isn’t the strongest of singers, so his vocals are a half-croon half-mumble at the back of the mix, but there are enough interesting arrangements and moments of drama to make up for the overlong songs.

By Matthias Scherer

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