A long lasting member of the American garage rock scene since the late Eighties, Mark Sultan has cooked up a hotpot of a new album that is rich in the type of classically brash rock’n’roll, fifties doo-wop and rockabilly that helped influence and spawn the early 21st century revival. Opener ‘Axis Abraxas’ kicks this record down a path that takes the sound of a less clean cut Buddy Holly and briefly introduces it to the melodic stylings of the Beach Boys, before it’s lead astray and down a dirtier path that vivaciously twists and turns through Modern Lovers proto-punk rhythms as on ‘Never Coming Home’, swings with Velvet Underground dynamics on ‘Graveyard Eyes’ and the penultimate song ‘No Worries’. While sometimes people are derided for staying still, in Mark Sultan’s case striding a familiar boarding makes perfect sense.

By Nathan Westley

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