Ed Banger have pitched a comet-shaped curveball with this 16-track, retro-futuristic voyage to the Solar System from the imagination of a 10-year-old Bowie fan circa 1973. Honestly, screw the cucumboid promise of London’s rotten financial centre, screw Wills’n’Kate, screw ‘Jerusalem’ and flag-waving and Pimms. This is the stuff that makes Britain great, listeners: an album for a Blake’s 7-meets-Brave New World future, featuring song titles like ‘Music for “Responsible Reprogenetics” Public Service Broadcast’ and an irresistibly deadpan bedroom-disco version of Sun Ra’s ‘Interplanetary Music’. It’s as mad as freeze-dried ice cream. Onboard you’ll find the sad, shy soul of Hot Chip (‘This Son Is Coming Up’), tender Balearic pulsars (‘Close to Everything’) and the kind of curiously prosaic sci-fi lately heard on the Gruff Rhys/Boom Bip collaboration Neon Neon. The eccentric jumbling of styles means it’s no true concept album, but the thing just radiates ramshackle charm.

By Chal Ravens