Milagres are a Brooklyn-based quintet fronted by a certain Kyle Wilson, whose soaring vocal style sits somewhere between Thom Yorke and Chris Keating of Yeasayer. This debut is the kind of music which will inevitably be described in some quarters as “slow-burning”; in reality it’s a piece of largely unremarkable indie, propped up by the odd half-decent track.

The title song is a slow, synth-speckled affair with falsetto vocals, akin to something The Antlers might produce, but entirely bereft of that band’s majesty and raw emotion. ‘Gentle Beast’, meanwhile, does build to a fiery climax built on pounding drums, but takes forever to get there; ‘Moon On The Sea’s Gate’ is almost a parody of nightmare-themed music, like something you might hear played on a ghost train at the local fair.

Elsewhere there are sub-Radiohead wibbles and one track which sounds like a discarded Spandau Ballet b-side. Music this slow-paced needs to be inversely powerful; this record is merely a long, dull, tiresome slog to the finish line.

By Chris Watkeys

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