Hailing from Texas traditionally means you curve one of two ways, musically speaking: it’s either a country and western path, spurs ‘n all, or you rebel in an At the Drive-In fashion and create a punk racket that sounds like you can’t wait to escape its sun-baked clutches. That is until friends Christa Palazzolo (cool name) and Sarah Brown (errr, just a name) decided that the Lonestar State could also spark an atmospheric orchestra of thoughtfulness and beauty, even. Lyricists they may not be –opener ‘Rogue Waves I’ is a Godspeed You Black Emperor-esque horror soundtrack and you don’t get much more than Air-esque space-age lullabies everywhere else – but this grown up stuff; it’s ornate; it’s Warpaint for 2012. It’s hardly a game (or life) changer, and yet somehow ‘Egyptian Wrinkle’ is an invite to an ethereal world that you can’t fail to accept.

By Laura Davies

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