While Cloud Nothing’s eponymous debut album was a near Dylan Baldi solo affair, for the Steve Albini-produced ‘Attack On Memory’ we’re given a combined effort that sees the whole band follow the producer’s tradition of recording as a live unit. And Albini’s influence certainly doesn’t end there, the Wavves-esque trash-can pop that dominated the band’s 2011 emo debut having been largely cast aside and replaced with a heavier disposition of bone-crunching riffs. Casting off with a thundering Shellac-style groove on ‘No Future, No Past’, it soon awakens with a thunderous explosion of abrasive noise. ‘No Sentiment’ roars to a heavy-assed groove; ‘Fall In’ recalls the fast paced, snot-nosed, hi-fi punk of ‘Nimrod’-era Green Day. The evolution of Cloud Nothings, from their childish beginnings of just a year ago, is clear and impressive.

By Nathan Westley

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