It’s gratifying to hear that Islet’s love for bombastic percussion, shape-shifting soundscapes and deep, woozy, No Wave psychedelics haven’t been diminished with fashioning a full-length album. Where mini-efforts ‘Wimmy’ and ‘Celebrate this Place’ hit with the band’s full, often manic force, ‘Illuminated People’ is underpinned by an intense, insistent focus. Still powerfully energised by the band’s freewheeling abandon, it’s an album that ghosts through the genres but not at the 100 mile an hour fury of its predecessors. Post-punk tantrums and druggy, drawn-out jams are shaped and slipped into a collective body that’s as rhythmic and volatile as their live show. And from the tremulous beginnings of the gargantuan ‘Libra Man’, gentler pop sensibilities of ‘We Bow’ and the booming, static-drenched drama of ‘Filia’, they’ve stepped back from the chaos and harnessed its energy expertly. Illuminated People? You bet, because on this evidence, their future continues to be a bright one.

By Reef Younis

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