In a world where Best Coast already exist, Tennis’ 2011 debut album, ‘Cape Dory’, was a pretty redundant affair – a collection of breezy, coastal love songs that were nice enough, if you could be bothered. A married duo from Denver, Patrick Riley and Aliana Moore these days have drummer James Barone in tow, and ‘Young And Old’ is certainly a better effort than their last, even if Best Coast are still around and doo-wop tracks like ‘Robin’ and the unfortunately titled ‘It All Feels The Same’ are largely forgettable. Moore’s vocals remain vintage girl group throughout, but musically (and especially percussively) Tennis mix things up, with sharp breakbeats (‘My Better Self’), fairground keys (‘Travelling’) and the odd heady waltz (‘Dreaming’). Best though is ‘Petition’, on which Moore lets out a modern RnB cry, hurling Tennis into the age in which they actually exist, and in fact belong.

By Stuart Stubbs

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