Fans of Those Darlins’ debut album, brace yourselves… and not in a good way. What was once a band of shit-kicking, cow-tipping, hillbilly riot grrls is now a creature that leans much more in the direction of 1960s throwback garage, a la the Vivian and Dum Dum Girls. Not to knock that style, but it may come as a nasty shock to those looking forward to another country rock record. One of the biggest losses on this LP is the band’s firecracker wit, though there are glimpses of it at the beginning, on the title track and ‘Be Your Bro’, a song about wanting to drop all the sexy business and chuck mud at boys. After the first few songs, though, it becomes clear that this is a hazy retro pop album, and a decent one at that, but the ballsy Darlins that once we knew (and were truly excited by) would seem to be long gone, and that’s a shame.

By Polly Rappaport

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