Riffs and disenchanted, stained vocals would figure high on many rock aficionadas albums of choice, but instead of falling into line and serving up a straightforward response, All The Saints have instead created one that has grander ambitions. While their 2008 debut, ‘Fire On Corridor X’, may have attracted stoner-rock comparisons, ‘Intro to Fractions’ demonstrates that they have attained a new vision, albeit one that fiercely grapples with the idea of melding psychedelic strangeness with reverberations of grunge’s disaffection. From the opening ‘Half Red, Half Way’, the album sets off on a journey inspired by A Place To Bury Strangers’ controlled explosions of noise, but this post-shoegaze rock ultimately lacks the personality and hooks it needs to prevent it from being an interesting recipe, but one for a pudding that most will find pretty flavourless.

By Nathan Westley

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