Most fans of pop music like to be able to drunkenly sing along to songs, so there is little chance that Casiokids – while well equipped with ear-pleasing, electronically-propelled tunes – will be for everyone. Although they can proudly boast the accolade of being the first band to release a Norwegian language single in the UK, this album, like many of their previous releases, uses vocals as an instrument rather than a central draw, often sinking into a bed of left-of-centre synthpop that sits between Royksopp’s radio friendly moments and Hot Chip, with idiosyncrasies tightly reeled in. Beyond that, Casiokids have mastered the art of creating electronic pop music, though, that bustles with vibrant melodies and colourful harmonies. Now if only us Brits could get over our fascination with needing to understand lyrics…

By Nathan Westley

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