It’s relentless punk. It’s honest. It’s addictive. It’s one of the best things you’ll listen to for yonks. Remember it, Ceremony are here to make a difference. Throwaway tracks about ‘my folks just don’t get me, man’ these are not; frontman Ross Farrar might just have been Mother Teresa rocking a few tats in a previous life. He’s concerned with humanity, see. Case in point, the explosive ‘Citizens’, ‘Ordinary People’ and one of many highlights, ‘Community Service’. The uncompromising fourth offering from the San Francisco hardcorers is part Minutemen, part The Cramps… or more recently, part Ice Age, part Eddy Current Suppression Ring. No wonder Matador poached them to line up alongside other noisy mares in their stable like Fucked Up. Dig deep and you’ll even discover a hint of a pop hook, delivered with a Lydon-esque scowl, of course. Ceremony are a band with something genuine to say. And in these times, there aren’t many of those.

By Laura Davies

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