Musically, January has an odd knack of treating us right. As we nurse bad heads and curse the grey months to come, it’s consistently delivered at least one album to wonderfully endure the year ahead. This time, it’s ‘Have Some Faith In Magic’ setting the standard with Errors confidently committing past vocal dabbles to record. Balanced and nuanced, they give the album another subtle layer of humanity that melts into the synthetic backdrops beautifully and, significantly, are not the distraction they might have been. With ‘Tusk’ enrapturing from the outset and ‘Pleasure Palaces’ the album’s standout track, the vocals are never centre stage; just another measured component syncing to Errors’ electronic heartbeat. Noticeably slower in tempo and lacking the visceral edge of its predecessors, album number three is the culmination of a band hitting their peak. No faith needed. No magic involved. Simply Errors’ best work to date.

By Reef Younis

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