Field Music’s fourth album is a sprawling mass of eccentric pop oddness, spanning fifteen songs in thirty five minutes. And while manic and occasionally wild, it is also a sheer delight. The stylistic leanings are plentiful, with surreptitious nods to the funk of Prince while also sounding like this could be the latest album by Dirty Projectors. It’s a record full of wit, charm and idiosyncrasies that always entice and never irritate. There are even moments of true beauty, at times in plaintive rudimentary form, at others via intricately layered, frantic sonic experiments. And for a band as dedicated as Field Music it seems fitting that ‘Plumb’ is their most fully realised and greatest record to date, complete with the closing, David Byrne-ish ‘(I keep Thinking About) a New Thing’ that may already be a contender for the song of the year.

By Daniel Dylan Wray

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