The opening track of Hooray For Earth’s debut LP sits somewhere in the synth-laden no man’s land between MGMT’s hooky pop and Yeasayer’s highly-produced, epic-tinged indie. It’s a song awash with big drums and a stadium-sized feel – this is synth-indie with grandiose ambitions. Straight away, though, it feels as if this Boston outfit have missed the boat somewhat. ‘Same’ has the distilled essence of 80s pop, with transplanted Tears For Fears vocals; it’s rather sterile and a little one-paced. The chrome-bright melodies, synth stabs and awkward rhythms of ‘No Love’, meanwhile, prove to be the record’s high point, but the problem is that Yeasayer did all of this (in a much more engaging way) a couple of years ago. Live, it’s pretty certain that these songs will be energising and enveloping, a brief and disposable slice of euphoria, but on record they amount to something pretty flimsy, a collection of tracks whose appeal fades all too quickly.

By Chris Watkeys

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