Turn off your pretension detector now, because Icarus’ ninth studio album could end up breaking it. The London duo have been making über-experimental electro for almost 20 years, and for this record they have devised a frankly impenetrable approach involving generative (e.g. the use of algorithmic composition software) as well as parametric (beats us) techniques in order to make a record that basically comes in hundreds of ever so slightly differently-sounding guises: there will apparently be 1,000 different versions of ‘Fake…’. Not that you’d be able to tell without investing hours of time and attention: the music (probably best described as CPU jazz) is so head0scratchingly progressive, so barely-there in its ambient tendencies and so flat-out unpredictable that getting to grips with one version alone will keep you busy for a while. Listeners will be rewarded with faint echoes of D&B, Aphex Twin-esque bleeps and even Krautrock à la Cluster (Version 800 of ‘Colour Field’).

By Matthias Scherer

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