‘Point Of Go’, Jonquil’s third LP, but actually their first in their current guise (since three of their members left to evolve into scene-buddies Trophy Wife), sees the band seemingly making a virtue out of musical simplicity. Opener ‘Swells’ rides on the essence of eighties pop, but is as flimsy and disposable as it is catchy and accessible. One or two of the songs on this record wouldn’t sound out of place as the title music of a CBeebies programme aimed at the under-fives; largely inoffensive, listenable, and ultimately pretty dull. Things pick up dramatically, though, in the second half of the set; two high points arrive consecutively in ‘The Innocent’, which soars movingly like a Yeasayer ballad, and the faintly detectable, bleak undercurrents to the conformingly simple ‘Real Cold’. These two genuinely fine songs spike interest in an otherwise bland album.

By Chris Watkeys

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