Don’t let the ‘pretty hot’ tag fool you; this New York-based model is not all she appears. For one, she’s been on the scene longer than other paid-to-pout singers who shall remain nameless, releasing her first EP in 2009. She’s also a grafter, having played toilet venues ever since, the hype building behind her. Wichita came knocking, knowing a promising, and yes, pretty thing when they saw it, but looks (alone) don’t sell records.

Lissy’s Chrissie Hynde voice, Tom Petty guitars and the Arcade Fire anthemic build on ‘Rules we Obey’ probably will, though. ‘Wearing Blue’ is the sort of Bowie 1980s pop that’s now found its way into Julian Casablancas’ referencing points, and the addictive ‘I Know Where you Sleep’ has Blondie written all over it. It’s promising stuff, and with producer Dave Sitek on her side, expect much more from Elizabeth McChesney. Looks aren’t everything, after all.

By Laura Davies

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