While we might be left trying to imagine what kind of music Kurt Cobain would make were he still alive, one of his most revered contemporaries and collaborators, Mark Lanegan, is still here to write songs, and thank fuck for that. Over the twelve tracks of his seventh solo album, the former Screaming Trees singer lays to rest his demons (alcoholism, homelessness, etc.), asks for forgiveness (“Oh sister of mercy, I’ve been gone too long” – the beautiful ‘Harborview Hospital’) and rocks out. ‘Riot in My House’ features a Stooges-esque piano hammering away in the background, while guitars straight out of the Dinosaur Jr text book cascade around Lanegan’s growl, and there are plenty of glimmering synths shining through to add an electronic edge to Lanegan’s visceral, mourning delivery too. 53 breathtaking minutes.

By Matthias Scherer

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