Canadian duo Memoryhouse have moved away from their chill wave beginnings. The lo-fi wares are now off the menu and have been replaced with a luxurious, studio-crafted, fuller sound. For their debut album, they have brewed a collection of heartfelt songs that are rich with delicate melodies and we-mean-it vocals that occasionally contain the odd whiff of Nashville style country slide guitar, particularly on ‘All Our Wonder’. And while the understated pop of ‘Heirloom’ and the spacious ‘Bonfire’ then mean that Memoryhouse are now more likely to garner comparisons to a Fleetwood Mac re-imagined for a 21st century audience, the melodically classy pop of ‘Walk With Me’ throws them into the same playing field as Summer Camp, and helps cement ‘The Slideshow Effect’ as an album that could melt the coldest of hearts.

By Nathan Westley

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