Live Review
Still Corners
Shoreditch, London

The first job of any new band is to know how to grab the audience’s attention. With stunning visuals and a powerful opening instrumental piece that maps out the contours of their dreampop sound, Still Corners know which buttons to push; we are definitely listening. Sprinkles of Mazzy Star, Slowdive, Broadcast with little bits of the Velvets peppered throughout, “the sound”, as they say, is textbook. That’s a list of any thinking gig goer’s favourite bands right there, so what’s the problem?

The problem is, I can hit a drum loudly and get your attention, to keep your attention I need to follow it up with something else, something that will connect with you and make you want to keep listening. So, even though the sound is beautiful and the visuals dreamlike, without any emotional connection underneath our attentions start to wander, friends go to the bar, phones come out of pockets and the audience starts to drift away. Attempts to change the dynamic by stripping the sound back to just guitar and voice help draw us closer, but there is still something missing, a spark that will take us from polite observers to feeling like we’re a part of something bigger. It’s this spark that will take Still Corners to the next level. As indefinable, frustrating and nebulous as the concept is, it’s that emotional connection – not the video editing and FX pedals – that make you love a band, and Still Corners have much to learn.

By Olly Parker

Originally published in issue 35 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. March 2012