‘The Stars…’ was made for the same people who bought 2010’s ‘If I Had A Hi-Fi’, or 1998’s ‘The Proximity Effect’, or 1996’s ‘High/Low’. Recklessly adolescent guitar music but now coming from an old soul. Matthew Caws still mentions his “teenaged heart”, though, and while Nada Surf have always been left out of the ’90s revisions conversation, they’ve kept an ardent support group beckoning, always selling out shows. This record was made for those people, and if you haven’t bought in now, well, it’ll be hard to muster up the open ears, because Nada Surf don’t deal in grand cosmic significance, they’re far too much of an indie rock band for that. For me, someone whose been along for the ride, the fact that they’re writing songs called ‘Teenage Dreams’ and ‘Waiting For Something’ warms a heart, but you already know if this record is meant for you.

By Luke Winkie

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