… And Tindersticks return because we all like them enough to keep paying attention. ‘The Something Rain’ comes right from their Nottingham wheelhouse, a good Tindersticks record, if you will – gloomy chamber-pop, a squealing brass section, creeping, dormant song-structures, and Stuart Staples’ perennial grunt.

He starts the record speak-singing a nine-minute story about a hook-up, he ends the record holding back on one of the best instrumentals his band has ever penned since they formed all the way back in 1991. It works in the ways Tindersticks are expected to work, good sleeping music, good drinking music, and good mixtape music. If you’re left out in the cold, well, you probably weren’t on the bandwagon to begin with. No, it’s not The First Album or The Second Album, it’s The Ninth Album, and it will make you happy.

By Luke Winkie

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