A band forthcoming with their influences, London’s Weird Dreams are turned on by The Beach Boys, David Lynch and – as if you need to be told – dreamy pop music of – wait for it – the weird variety. Debut album ‘Choreography’ touches base exactly where you’d expect, meshing Brian Wilson vocal harmonies and gushing doo-wop with songs about masochism and heaps of delayed guitar arpeggios.

The Lynchian idea of under-suburban-serenity-we’re-all-fucked-up is there, if buried deeper than singer Doran Edward ‘s floaty vocals, but it’s within the band’s lesser-confessed touchstones where ‘Choreography’ leaps from being a nice enough indie pop record to something a little more classically lasting. Tracks as contemporary and melodically boastful as ‘Holding Nails’ and ‘Hurt So Bad’ (the one about a relationship built on bondage) have until now only really come from The Shins, while album opener ‘Vague Hotel’ could easily be mistaken as the direct work of James Mercer, especially within its guitars. The Smiths are then breathed in for ‘Surburban Coated Creatures’ (again, particularly by its guitars), and ‘666.66’ finally gives us that taste of West Coast psychedelia the band seem keen to be associated with.

Of course, as you’ve probably guessed, Weird Dreams aren’t all that weird at all – simply a bittersweet indie band who happen to be better than all the others.

By Mandy Drake

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