Evolve or be extinct. Well, it’s not like Wiley has changed his tune much. At this point, his spiky polyrhythmic assaults have practically outlived the grime scene that birthed him – Wiley should be thankful he’s still on a first-name basis with the rest of the world, even if he is currently making very professional music, far from the laptop-speaker convulsions of his earliest work. It’s certainly more digestible, if void of his most distinctive qualities. ‘Boom Blast’? ‘I’m Skanking’? Just from the names you know these are chart-seekers, sure to sound good from rain-slicked festival stages. There’s also a highly specific rage against immigration offices called, you know, ‘Immigration’. It’s almost like he’s trying to prove he hasn’t gotten predictable. We should be glad the dude’s still making money, it’s just a shame his best art is behind him.

By Luke Winkie

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