Named after the only semi-acceptable Bruce Willis vehicle, this Glaswegian outfit don’t play – as one might suspect – some kind of macho hardcore, but a softly-softly kind of experimental pop. The aspirated vocals, the bubbling electronics and the acoustic guitars point unsubtly towards the hazy ambient folk of Baltimore’s Animal Collective, but there is also a degree of playfulness, for example in the way sex noises and pitched-down vocals are combined with orchestral samples in opener ‘In the Garden’.

‘Mmmm’ sounds like someone playing a miniature drum kit in a house haunted by a long-dead experimental choir; ‘Nailed to the Cross’ has a nice beached-out synth arrangement and a pace that laps to and fro like the surf on a calm day. Sadly, the woozy feel quickly starts to drag, and there’s an overwhelming sense of the band operating firmly within a too tightly defined comfort zone.

By Matthias Scherer

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