The trouble with a guitar riff fed through a delay pedal is that whenever you hear one, you can’t help but think of The Edge. For Dustin Wong (formerly of noise pranksters Ponytail), the delay pedal is an integral instrument. By determining the rhythmic pattern and tempo, it basically takes up the role of the drum kit as well as creating that cascading, relentless flow of harmonies and melodic clusters that was already on display on Wong’s solo debut, ‘Infinite Love’.

This album’s tracks flow in and out of each other with ease, layers of clean guitar loops sliding in and out of the mix in a way that recalls Four Tet’s more avant-garde stuff as well as Steve Reich’s minimalism. Some analogue drum sounds have been included on ‘Dreams…’, (like on the cute ‘Purple Slipped Right’), and thankfully there’s no audible sign of Bono anywhere.

By Matthias Scherer

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