Perhaps such a silly name refers to the myriad of genres Herzog stumble across throughout their second record, meandering from Offspring pop-punk on opener ‘Fuck this Year’ and Weezer-style melodies on ‘You Clean up Nice’, to Beach Boy saccharine lullabies on ‘Your Son is not a Soldier’ – all the while singing about complex issues, albeit in a teenage manner… “He laid his gun down and said I won’t fight, they threw him in jail, but he slept well at night.”

It comes across quite charming really, in a Blink 182 way, of course. But rather than taking influence from the noughties pop-punk, they at times simply recreate it. Still, this four-piece from Cleveland also have a much more laid-back 1960s essence to them, one that gets angrier as the record develops, culminating in the storming ‘Alexander the Great’. Forgive them the name they’ve probably inherited from their days being wet-willied in the playground and you might just be charmed into submission by this effervescent lot.

By Laura Davies

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